The 25 Body Type Diet

7 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Compromising your Diet!

Luscious, hot turkey slices. Flaky, butter - filled biscuits. And, how can anyone resist those mincemeat pies? If you tend to gain "a few extra pounds" during this fattening season, these seven easy tips will keep your waistline in check.

Every year around the holidays, millions of people just like you make the same promise. "This year, I WILL stick to my diet! I CAN avoid temptation."

But then you view your decadent holiday feast. Gooey chocolate truffles. Fat-filled mashed potatoes. Sugar-crusted sweet potatoes. Soon, instead of sticking to your diet, you silently repeat everyone's favorite rationalization - "It's the holidays. I'll try again in the New Year."
And, just like every other year, January finds you about 10 pounds heavier - and incredibly discouraged.
Good news! There are some easy ways to avoid packing those holiday pounds! These seven simple tips will help you successfully cruise through those holiday temptations - happily and healthily!

1. Don't skip meals. You may think you're "saving calories for later," but you're actually messing with your metabolism. Your body interprets missed meals as starvation, not a sneaky weight-loss technique. The result - your metabolism will slow to a snail's pace and you'll pack extra fat.

2. Beware temptation. Ah, there's nothing like decadent sugar heaps of cookies, chocolates and pies. The trick here is planning ahead for the sugar onslaught. Sugar is much easier to resist if you're not hungry. To successfully resist temptation, eat more protein (like nuts and needs) or fruit if you crave something sweet. If you don't have a plan, it's easy to get lost in the sugar munching-mindset... and before you know it, an entire plate of cookies will disappear.

3. Try to work some light exercise into your day. Even a short walk will get your blood moving and your metabolism cranking. Plus, some body types like Stomach, Lung and Medulla realize emotional benefits from simple physical exercise. So, if Aunt Myrna starts harping about your house again, take a deep breath and go for a walk. You'll burn off your frustration (and your calories) in no time!

4. Remember, it's not "all-or-nothing." Since The 25 Body Type System utilizes real food, you won't have to worry about choosing between a hot turkey dinner or a cold diet shake. Simply review the dietary emphasis and foods best for your unique type. With a few minor modifications, you'll find you'll be able to eat a "real" holiday dinner with your family - while still sticking to your diet.

5. Eat foods that support your type - not sabotage it. If you know chocolate cake leaves you feeling bloated and miserable every year, don't eat it (but make sure you give yourself a tasty alternative). If endless cups of coffee (no matter how helpful in the short term) leave you with "acid tummy," stop at one or two cups. The holidays are stressful enough without adding digestive stress.

6. Take time for yourself. It's easier to stick to any type of eating plan when you're feeling happy, healthy and centered. Try to take short "me-breaks" throughout the day - even if it's just sitting in your car for 15 minutes. You'll have time to recharge your batteries and not rely on food to make you feel better.

7. If all else fails, vow to make one meal OK. Let's face it. You may have graduated from high school 20 years ago, but you still feel guilty if you don't eat your Mom's cooking. If keeping the familial peace is a big factor, make one meal (like breakfast) a good one. One body type friendly meal will help keep your system on track while successfully satisfying your family.

In general, my health has improved in every way. Since I feel better physically, my attitude is better. I'm finding it easier than ever to maintain my weight or even lighten up. Thanks!

Doretta W., Encinitas, CA