The 25 Body Type Diet

Yes - You CAN Reach Your Ideal Weight Successfully!

Blame Your Dominant Gland, Not Your Willpower!

A quick glance around the magazine stand tells you everything you need to know. Yours isn't that slim, willowy waif figure pictured in the glossy ads. Your arms don't look like Popeye's and your stomach doesn't compare to a washboard. So you read up on the latest fad diet, make a run to the store to buy only the required foods and resolve to stick to carrot sticks in lieu of red vines. "This time I'm reaching my ideal weight," you self-talk with one goal in mind - a great-looking body.

Your enthusiasm quickly wanes, however, when you find yourself feeling sluggish, brain dead and constantly craving foods not included in the "diet of the day." Even worse, you may actually be gaining weight, although you feel like you're starving. "It must be me," you say. "This diet worked great for Suzie. What's wrong with me?"

Nothing! Your diet isn't working because it isn't right for your unique system. You must tap into your body's own inner roadmap and discover the "right" foods for you. How? The 25 Body Type System by Carolyn L. Mein, D.C., author of the revolutionary book Different Bodies, Different Diets. Dr. Mein discovered 25 unique body types with different dietary needs. Based on 20 years of comprehensive research, Dr. Mein determined that your dominant gland, organ or system controls your weight - not necessarily your willpower!

Your dominant gland is present at birth; it determines certain physical characteristics and psychological traits and is the first to be called upon when your body is stressed. Simply put, once you determine your body type, you will learn how to manage your body for maximum health and vitality and recognize which foods work with you to achieve your optimum weight. You will understand why you gain or lose weight in certain areas and more readily notice when and why certain foods don't agree with you. It's like having a personalized dietary blueprint.

"You are what you eat" is absolutely true. It's not just about how you look. What you eat essentially determines your energy level, whether you're feeling super charged, so-so, or miserably sluggish. The 25 Body Type System will ignite your mental and physical energy. You will:

  • Think more sharply, experience better concentration and improved memory
  • Balance your moods and reduce susceptibility to depression
  • Understand your personality characteristics, motivations and strengths
  • Eliminate digestive distress, bloating, and food cravings by supplying your body with the nutrients it needs

Determining your body type and really "listening" to your body is the best way to reward yourself. Discover the magic of "eating right for your type." The 25 Body Type System relies on real food that real people enjoy eating, no prepackaged meals and powdered diet shakes. Even small dietary changes on Dr. Mein's system, like adding more dense protein or limiting carbohydrates, can render life-changing results. By understanding which foods to eat frequently, moderately and rarely, and what time of day to eat them, you will ultimately function your most efficiently. You can finally experience what "feeling great" feels like!

Why keep trying the fad diets when there's a doctor-approved way to reach your ideal weight? You can finally be on the diet that works with you instead of against you to develop a great looking body and optimum health.

Discover your Body Type in minutes