The 25 Body Type Diet

Conquering the Picky Eater Challenge

Understanding Your Family's Body Types Can Make for Happy Meal Time

How's meal-planning in your house? If you're like most parents, you're busy juggling everybody's particular food preferences. Little Johnny loves salty peanuts, greasy hamburgers and heavy Mexican food. Little Jenny happily munches carbohydrates and pleads for sugary snacks. Dad wants beef and potatoes. You relish salads and steamed veggies. Each family member requests their favorite foods and, unfortunately for you, they're all different.

Is there a way to cook one meal which satisfies every body? Yes, and it's easy. To streamline your meal planning and maintain a healthy household, simply determine each member's body type. No matter how much Johnny looks, acts and talks like you, chances are he has a different body type - and that's never going to change. And even if you think your spouse is your soul mate, odds are his/her body type is different from yours. These distinctions are the reason meal planning is so difficult - each family member has unique nutritional needs which are dictated by their dominant gland.

There's no need to prepare multiple meals for dinner. Take a look at the dietary requirements for each family member's body type which you'll find in Different Bodies, Different Diets. Eliminate the "Rarely" foods for each body type from your choices and the result will be a comprehensive shopping list for foods the entire family will enjoy. You'll have satisfied customers and lots more time for you.

Discover your Body Type in minutes

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The new eating plan worked great! I lost five pounds the first week and maintained the loss the second week. My energy has improved and I'm sleeping and concentrating better.

Martha J., San Diego, CA