The 25 Body Type Diet

Don't Believe Everything You Read

How to Eat For Your Body Type and Avoid Dietary Distress

Ever wonder what foods you can eat? If you're carefully watching your diet, daily news reports can drive you nuts. One day, the feature story screams avoidance of eggs. Next day, coffee, wine or chocolate are detrimental. Six months later, you learn eggs are actually alright, chocolate provides beta carotenes, and there's more caffeine in soft drinks than in a cup of Joe. And of course, if eat everything "in moderation" you should be okay.

Trying to assimilate all this wildly fluctuating information may or may not really matter. Foremost to developing a solid eating plan is knowledge about your body type. If you are choosing the wrong foods for your type, your weight and your mood may be fluctuating along with the news reports.

Mom was right - don't believe everything you read and hear. Just because the media says a certain food is good for you, doesn't mean it's true. In fact, what's considered "healthy" food may actually be causing your weight gain or physical discomfort. For example, whole wheat bread is packed full of complex carbohydrates. A tasty treat perhaps, but it may not be good for your body type. Of the 25 body types, only the Adrenal and Stomach types can eat whole wheat bread without digestive distress. Nine other body types: Gallbladder, Gonadal, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Pancreas, Pituitary and Thyroid should eliminate whole wheat bread completely, or only enjoy it once a month.

Thinking about eating "rabbit food" to lose those extra ten pounds? You may want to reconsider. Another common dietary misconception is: "If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, you'll lose weight." This seems logical enough - after all, how many calories does an apple have? However, if you've ever gone on a fresh fruit diet, you may have experienced the opposite extreme, i.e., weight gain. The reason you may have gained weight is because eating only raw food for an extended time (especially if you just eat fruit) can stress the body, causing it to produce excess hormones. And guess where those excess hormones go to find a home? That's right, your weight gain areas. Unless you're a healthy Adrenal (the ultimate "rabbit food" dieters), the end result is that you still won't feel good and you'll still gain weight.

Discover your Body Type in minutes

After learning my body type, I made a few easy changes to my eating patterns. Now I seldom have indigestion and my energy level is consistent throughout the day.

Myke, Oceanside, CA