The 25 Body Type Diet

Is Your Child Gaining Weight?

Understanding How They’re Being Influenced

Sugary cereals, fat-laden chips, greasy French fries - it's easy to understand how kids today end up plump, never really losing their "baby fat." Between radio, television and the Internet, children are being constantly influenced about what to eat and what to insist you buy. In all likelihood, their choices are not the best foods for their body type.

To successfully help your child lose weight, you'll want to first discern the root of their problem, which may not be food related. Children, just like their adult counterparts, have their own body type, which is present from birth. Feeding your child food that supports their body type can solve many weight gain issues.

Weight gain is the first indicator that your child's body is being stressed. Physical weight gain is a reflection of what is going on inside your child. Is your child suffering from low self-esteem and eating away their problems? Or are they suffering from a food allergy? Once you discover the many reasons children can be obese, you can eliminate unwanted stressors, teach your children the positive eating habits they need to stay healthy, and help them change unwanted habits.

Here are a few of the reasons your child may be obese:

Diet causes:

  • Improper food combinations
  • Sugar sensitivity
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Artificial sweeteners

Environmental causes:

  • Food quality - is the food frozen, fresh or a hybrid?
  • Bacteria in our soil
  • Microwaves and pollution affecting the food
  • Drinking water quality
  • Household cleaners
  • Pesticides

Sociological causes:

  • Peer pressure
  • Low self esteem
  • Television and other media advertising

Physical activity:

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Current sociological and environmental pressures can negatively affect your child's body. Educating your child about their body type, eliminating harmful environmental pollution and preparing meals which are "friendly" to their body type will help bring your child's body back into balance. With a little detective work and a lot of love, you can help your child lose weight and teach them healthy habits they'll exercise for a lifetime.

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