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The Pancreas Body Type

Pancreas Body Types are bubbly and bring joy to those around them

Pancreas body type diet, characteristics and personality traits

Pancreas body types are prone to significant weight gain, and may struggle to lose the weight. Present a generally rounded appearance, often with narrow shoulders. Weight gain for women begins in lower abdomen, upper hips and thighs, waist and back as firm (not flabby) rolls; for men, begins as soft thickening around waist and torso, spreading to chest.

Are You a Pancreas Body Type?
You Might Be, If ...

  • You are generally bubbly and joyful
  • You tend to be the life of the party
  • Your zealous and excitable nature lends animation to your conversations
  • You find yourself using humor or laughter to burst out of uncomfortable or stressful situations
  • You use others as a sound board for your ideas, and speak openly without editing
  • You love socializing, especially around food
  • You tend towards “rut eating” – eating the same foods several days in a row
  • You tend to gain weight easily unless very active
  • Your weight gain stops at your elbows and knees, giving the illusion of small hands and feet

Celebrities with a Pancreas Body Type include:
Melissa McCarthy, Al Roker, Roseanne Barr, Rosie ODonnell, Dom DeLuise, John Goodman, Rachel Ray

Pancreas Body Type Diet & Exercise Overview

Dietary emphasis - focus on VARIETY and ROTATION.  The tendency is to eat the same foods 3-4 days in a row.  The problem is that frequently eating the same food depletes pancreatic enzymes.  While a 4-day rotation is ideal, a 2-day rotation works, when the same food is eaten at a different meal.

Meals - lunch heavy with protein and no fruit.  Dinner is moderate and early, between 5 and 7pm, also without fruit.  Best to save fruit and sweets for an evening snack. 

Foods - emphasize protein and vegetables, particularly root including potatoes, jicama, radishes, sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, carrots and onions.  Eating complex carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, beans, and popcorn reduces sugar cravings.

Exercise - speeds up your metabolism and provides an emotional benefit.  Exercise is most effective in the morning or afternoon.

A partial list of Unsupportive Foods for the Pancreas Body Type include: Pork, ham, sausage, bacon, nonfat yogurt, ice cream, whole and cracked wheat breads, crackers and pastas; fructose, brown sugar, saccharine, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, catsup, yellow mustard, mayonnaise, margarine, coffee, root beer, Pepsi, diet sodas

Pancreas Body Type Personality Overview

The Core Emotional Issues of the Pancreas Body Type are Wrong, Betrayal, Letting go

I am very sociable, caring, considerate, and compassionate. I have a positive nature and am full of laughter. I love food and often plan social activities that include eating. I can also be an emotional eater, turning to food if I’m lonely, bored or depressed. I’m not necessarily into cooking, so I can fall into patterns of eating the same foods several days in a row. When not physically active, I easily gain excess weight. I am tactile, and like to nurture and help others. I frequently use humor to alleviate stressful situations. I genuinely like people, but run into relationship problems due to my limitations in communications skills. I stay focused on my goals, which is sometimes interpreted as being abrasive. I use others as sounding boards to talk out my thoughts and feelings. I talk without editing, making my requests sound more like demands. My zealous and emotionally excitable nature gives my speech an animation that comes across as forceful or controlling. My innocence leads to naivety, and when others betray my trust it hurts deeply. I fear scarcity, and feel more secure when my kitchen cupboards are full.

I am known for bringing joy to my environment. I particularly enjoy social activities centered around food. I have a tendency toward rut eating – eating the same foods for three or four days in a row. I release energy through my sense of joy. I love socializing and can be the life of a party. Conscientious and reliable, I can be quite dynamic when my energy is channeled into a particular area. I am the type of person that continually releases the energy that keeps an organization running. I have a genuine concern for people, and an ability to use laughter to burst out of the most uncomfortable situations. I am truly fulfilled when I can feel joy and can share my joy with others. Due to my emotional nature, I can feel insecure when comparing myself to my more mentally-based friends. This motivates me to develop my mental side.

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