The 25 Body Type Diet

How the 25 Body Type Diet was Discovered

Dr. Carolyn Mein's interest in diet and proper nutrition began as a child raised on a meat-and-potatoes menu in the Midwest. She suffered from bloating and intestinal gas, generally carrying extra weight around her waist and lower abdomen.

She began experimenting with her own diet while attending Chiropractic college, dropping red meat in favor of brown rice and vegetables, with protein primarily from dairy sources. The result was an unwelcome weight gain. By incorporating non-vegetarian protein products into her meals she was able to lose the additional weight.

Dr. Mein became aware of Dr. Elliot Abravanel's book on body typing which suggested four types - thyroid, adrenal, gonadal, and pituitary. However, in working with her own patients she quickly learned that most appeared to be a blend of more than one of these types, or didn't fit a particular type at all.

With degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Bio-Nutrition, and Applied Kinesiology, she had the tools to directly access the body's innate wisdom regarding its functional and nutritional requirements. Over time, Dr. Mein identified a total of 25 unique body types. Each type turned out to have its own specific dietary needs, food cravings, critically supportive foods, foods to avoid, and meal timing and scheduling priorities. She has tested her nutrition plans with thousands of patients with consistent results.

Dr. Mein's research ultimately led to the realization that certain physical and psychological characteristics were type-consistent as well. One's physical characteristics can help to easily identify their body type and provide direction for an appropriate exercise plan. The psychological profile of one's body type reveals typical tendencies and underlying driving motivators. Understanding these factors and implementing their attendant requirements is a major step toward balanced and harmonious living.

Discover your Body Type in minutes

The diet system Dr. Mein recommended for me and my family has enlightened me. I used to be very concerned about my daughter's eating habits. She's a Kidney type; I'm a Gonadal type. Understanding our differences allows me to prepare meals that work for us both.

Linda N., Homemaker