The 25 Body Type Diet

Torn Between Two Body Types?

Here's What To Do

You're pouring over the pages of Different Bodies, Different Diets searching for the body type that sounds and looks most like you. Confusion sets in. You’re thinking you are a Pineal mind inside a Heart body. Or you don't look quite like the body type photo. Frustrated that you must be missing some important point, you close the book, leave it on your coffee table and assure yourself you'll come back to it later.

Good news! What to do when torn between two body types is one of our most frequent questions. Here are four helpful steps to successfully determining your body type:

1. Buy the book. Although it seems obvious, the very best way you can type yourself is by referencing and comparing body types within the Different Bodies, Different Diets book.

2. Go back to the beginning. Sure it's fun to skip around the book and read the most interesting (profile and characteristics) tidbits, but the surest way to determine your type is to follow the body typing instructions exactly. Review Chapter 2, "What is Your Body Type" and follow the body typing instructions step by step. A second look will likely be all it takes.

3. Invoke the “buddy system.” You may think you have thunder thighs, but your friend sees them as "just right." Or, you may insist you aren't a control freak until your friend reminds you about having to chair last year's book club so you can select the reading material. Friends can offer a valuable perspective regarding your self-image and personality. Their feedback is most helpful to determining your body type.

4. Don't get hung up on absolutes. Did you read a personality profile and shout "That's me! That’s me!" only to review the photos and think "Hmm, maybe I'm not right about my type. The model's fingers are a bit longer than mine" or “My legs don’t bulge quite like that.” Not to worry. You don't have to look exactly like the picture. Nor does it make a difference if your actual personality is slightly different than the profile. If one type "hits home" then you've probably found your type.

Discover your Body Type in minutes

The diet system Dr. Mein recommended for me and my family has enlightened me. I used to be very concerned about my daughter's eating habits. She's a Kidney type; I'm a Gonadal type. Understanding our differences allows me to prepare meals that work for us both.

Linda N., Homemaker