The 25 Body Type Diet

Benefits of Knowing Your Body Type

Identifying your body type is a way of reading your body to gain insight into its uniqueness and an awareness of "what works for you.” The process simplifies your search for the optimal diet and exercise program, describes your basic personality traits, pinpoints what psychologically motivates you, and ultimately defines your most authentic self.

Understanding how you best function based on body type is like having an owner’s manual for your body. In addition to the physical benefits, you will discover holistic advantages for improving your life.

Physical benefits to understanding your body type include:

  • Learning what foods your body requires to maintain, gain, or lose weight

  • Knowing how much fat and protein your body needs

  • Developing a nutritional plan which supports your body for maximum health and vitality

  • Learning which foods to avoid

  • Realistic expectations of your body type’s appearance and performance

  • Optimal forms and amounts of exercise

  • What foods to prepare for your children and your family’s increased health and vitality

  • How much fat you really should eat

  • Why certain foods cause you to bloat, or become tired and/or irritable

Knowing how to properly nourish and care for your specific body type provides a greater sense of fulfillment; you will be able to accomplish your goals much more naturally, working with your body type instead of against it. Each body type is motivated by different factors. An imortant key to successfully relating to others is the understanding that we all think differently and have distinguishing motivators.

Emotional and psychological benefits to knowing and appreciating your body type include:

  • Realization of increased focus and sense of purpose in your life

  • Opportunity to consciously know and integrate your two non-dominant traits

  • Ability to identify your own stress triggers to implement healthier ways of handling (or eliminating) your stress

  • Increased understanding of how to effectively and productively communicate with others

  • Enhanced mental focus through improved nutrition

  • Improved interaction with others through recognition of your "what" and "why" motivators

Discover your Body Type in minutes

The new eating plan worked great! I lost five pounds the first week and maintained the loss the second week. My energy has improved and I'm sleeping and concentrating better.

Martha J., San Diego, CA