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Body Type Diet and Profile
Complete Booklet for Your Individual Body Type
--- This is an ebook which is delivered by email ---
The ultimate guide for understanding and implementing the requirements most beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Each comprehensive booklet explains dominant gland location and function, distinguishing physical features and supplementary characteristics, recommended cuisine and meal scheduling, levels of exercise, disease tendencies and complementary glandular support, tips for weight loss or gain, along with a psychological profile for the particular body type.

Please select the booklet which coincides with your body type. If you have not yet identified your body type, you will want to purchase the men’s or women’s body type questionnaire booklet as well.

This is a comprehensive dietary implementation guide, and includes a complete psychological profile for your body type.

It even includes exercise recommendations!

Please choose your body type when ordering this booklet. (If you don’t know it, be sure to also purchase the men's or women's body type photos booklet!)

This item is also available as a paperback
$ 9.95