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Exercise Case Studies
1How Do You Spell (Back Pain) Relief?
Frequently Asked Questions
1Will any off-the-shelf exercise video do?
2If different body types require different diets, do exercise requirements vary as well?
3In addition to physical strengthening, what are some other benefits of exercising?
4What are the best forms of exercise for strengthening core muscles?
5How do I get rid of an after-baby belly?
Common Exercise Myths
1Sit-ups will give me a flat stomach.
2Exercise requires a gym or a step aerobics class.
3I'm too tired to exercise.
4Being fit is a matter of brute strength and increased muscle mass.
5The best time of day to exercise is early morning.

Exercising for your Body Type

Just as different body types require different diets, they also require different exercise plans. Some body types benefit through improved metabolism, health and endurance, while the benefits for others are more about motivation and practicality. Here are some examples:

  • Lymph body types vigorous exercise for at least 15 minutes every other day is essential as it actives the immune system. Lymphatic activation requires full-body movement, such as walking, dancing, swimming, running or aerobics. Lymphs benefit most from morning exercise; it gets the lymphatic system moving and gets them going for the day.

  • Adrenal body types exercise is helpful for stress relief and essential to this body type for weight loss or maintenance. For Adrenals, exercise is most productive after 3:00 PM, which allows them to release the adrenaline which has built up from the day's stress. Adrenal's best exercises are those which cover ground, such as running or bicycling, as opposed to a treadmill or stationary bike.

  • Gonadal body types exercise provides emotional and physical benefits, a sense of accomplishment along with energizing movement. Gonadals do well with vigorous exercise, especially outdoors or in sunlit places, with their optimal time being between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

  • Thyroid body types this body type doesn't require exercise to activate the immune system, or to assist with their emotional state. The main benefits Thyroids derive from exercise are physical, such as improved muscle tone, strength and figure control. Exercise is beneficial any time of day that fits into their schedule.

  • Pituitary body types exercise is emotionally beneficial to Pituitary types because it relieves stagnation and provides mind/body integration. Weight loss is assisted by exercising at least three times per week.
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