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each with unique dietary and nutritional needs, optimal exercises, and personality profiles
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Frequently Asked Questions
1I've tried every diet under the sun and I'm still not healthy. How can you help someone like me?
2I crave chocolate all the time! Can your book help me?
3What is "rut eating"?
4How do I determine my ideal diet?
5Once I distinguish my body type, what will I learn about my diet?
Common Dieting Myths
1Margarine is better for you than butter.
2When I need an energy boost, I should eat a candy bar.
3Artificial sweetners are better for you than sugar.
4Whole wheat bread is an ideal source of complex carbohydrates.
5All fats are bad for you.

Finally - a Solution to the "One Diet Fits all" Myth!

Losing Weight with Body Type Specific Dieting

Have you ever wondered why the diet that works for your friend doesn’t work for you? Dr. Carolyn Mein has discovered 25 distinct body types defined by the primary dominant organ, gland or system. Each body type has specific dietary, exercise, and psychological requirements for individual health, weight management, energy and vitality.

Diet is not just about weight loss; it is about reaching and maintaining your ideal weight and feeling good. Most diets are a form of starvation, producing only temporary results.

Learning about your unique body type will reveal your premium sources for fat, how much protein you need and when to eat it, and the time of day you'll want to eat certain foods in order to feel your best. You'll also learn which foods will eliminate cravings, what foods to avoid, and when to eat sweets.

Knowing your body type is like having an owner’s manual for your body. It allows you to nourish your body the way nature intended. Eating for your specific body type not only helps you to reach and maintain your ideal weight, it also supports and balances your overall health.

The greatest news is that each body type diet plan doesn’t require huge amounts of willpower. “Even minor dietary changes geared to support your dominant gland can have amazing results. You often don’t have to do very much before you see a difference.”
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body type diet testimonial
The diet system Dr. Mein recommended for me and my family has enlightened me. I used to be very concerned about my daughter's eating habits. She's a Kidney type; I'm a Gonadal type. Understanding our differences allows me to prepare meals that work for us both.
testimonial for body type system diet
Linda N.
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