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The Gonadal Body Type Diet

Gonadal body type diet, characteristics and personality traits
Basic profile and diet for the Gonadal body type follows. Does this sound like you? If so, you might be a Gonadal body type. If you would like to determine your body type, select the body type test at the bottom of this page.
Just as the gonads are a pleasure center in the body, the nature of Gonadal body types is to create pleasure and to be playful. However, Gonadal types are prone to being controlled by their emotions. Difficulty focusing or concentrating is typical when they are tired or stressed. To compensate, Gonadal types do no-brainer jobs like shopping, weeding the garden, or other routine tasks. Playtime or time to completely relax is essential, as it allows them to reconnect with their essence.
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Gonadal Body Type Diet

Dietary emphasis - Cottage cheese, fish, turkey, brown rice, tomatoes, yams, avocados, coconut oil and olive oil.  Avoid peanut butter, russet potatoes, casaba and honeydew melons, and orange juice.

Meals - Light breakfast with fruit, or moderate with protein, nuts, seeds, grain, fruit, and/or dairy.  If you have exhausted your adrenal glands and are rebuilding your body, have a heavy breakfast with protein, vegetables and grain.  Lunch is light to heavy and dinner is moderate to heavy with no fruit.

Exercise - Vigorous exercise, especially in the morning, is beneficial emotionally as well as physically.  Exercise gives a sense of accomplishment, and gets your energy moving.

Sample List of Foods for Gonadal Body Types to Eat Seldom:

Frozen yogurt, ice cream, peanut butter, grain and whole wheat breads, green onions, russet potatoes, melon such as honeydew, orange juice, artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet, mayonnaise, margarine, diet sodas.

Full details of the adrenal body type diet including food lists, sample menus, exercise and weight loss tips are found in the Gonadal Body Type Profile and Diet Booklet and ebook.

Gonadal Body Type Personality Profile

Gonadal body types create beauty and pleasure, and are playful
My strong sexual energy makes me more physically attractive. I am highly emotional and physically expressive, easily showing my anger and hurt as well as my affection, nurturing and joy. I don’t handle stress well, so playtime is important for me in maintaining a positive outlook. In social settings I bring out the best in others, with a special ability to recognize and appreciate the feelings of others, and to offer emotional support. I am more people-oriented than task-oriented and I thrive on substantial human contact.

Being emotionally sensitive, I feel others’ pain and try to assist them. I enjoy helping others to see their own beauty as I do, often by enhancing their appearance or beautifying their environment. I am results-oriented, with more of an eye for the big picture than the details. I like to see my efforts quickly make a difference, often jumping enthusiastically into a project without fully considering what I need to do to finish it. My self-worth is related to how others perceive my accomplishments. This need for validation can lead to self-sacrifice and insecurity.
By nature I like to create pleasure and be playful. I am prone to being controlled by my emotions. When I am tired or stressed, I typically have difficulty focusing or concentrating. To compensate I will do “no-brainer” routine tasks like weeding the garden or shopping. Playtime, or time set aside to completely relax, is essential as it allows me to reconnect with my basic nature. I am more people-oriented than task-oriented.

Being playful provides the ideal environment for me to express the full range of the positive side of my emotions with the people I love. Being highly verbal and sensitive to the emotions of others often leads to my own emotional volatility. I am motivated by beauty, which makes it important for me to look good, and to project a strong, proud, even macho image. My strength lies in seeing beauty and bringing the beauty out in others. My true inner beauty is most readily accessed when being playful.
Celebrities with Gonadal body type include Marilyn Monroe, Al Pacino, Jennifer Lopez, Robert DeNiro
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